Econometric Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Long-Term Loans Of Commercial Banks

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Karaliev Turaboy, Usmonov Bahodir Suvonkul ogli


Today, long-term loans provided by commercial banks make a significant contribution to the stability of the economy. Long-term loans are also a point of economic growth in the country. Scientific research shows that strategies aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the banking system can only be achieved through the development of means of technical re-equipment of the industry through long-term lending and thus the implementation of investment processes. To date, issues such as the justification and effectiveness of long-term loans and the development of optimal decision-making mechanisms in the field of long-term lending remain unresolved, indicating that there are many tasks to be performed by commercial banks in the future. The complexity and urgency of solving these problems stem from the fact that each long-term credit transaction has its characteristics, so an individual approach is required to justify its effectiveness, taking into account the solvency of the borrower and the changing conditions of the credit market. In this paper, the effectiveness of long-term loans has been studied in detail through econometric analysis and conclusions have been drawn. The relationship of scientists and experts to this issue is studied and an author's approach is given. Based on the research, scientific conclusions have been made.

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