Improving Assigning Rules Inventory Numbers To Fixed Assets In Electricity Supply Enterprises

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Kakhkharov Zukhriddin Zafarbek ogli


Thousands of fixed assets are used in the supply of electricity to large enterprises. Most of them are special equipment used only in the field of power transmission. Given the characteristics of enterprises in this sector of the economy, it is difficult to prevent the integrity and misuse of fixed assets. In order to maintain proper accounting, it is necessary to develop certain rules for the rational grouping of fixed assets according to their functions. It is also nessary to create certain rules for assigning inventory numbers. It is impossible to increase the industrial potential of the economy, stimulate entrepreneurship, improve the welfare of the population and improve the quality of life without ensuring the reliable operation of the electricity sector. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the industry, it is necessary to start with the proper organization of accounting in the industry. This is because accounting prepares and submits reliable and accurate business reports. This article discusses the specific rules for assigning inventory numbers to fixed assets in power supply companies.


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