Scoring Model – A Modern Method Of Creditworthiness Analysis And Its Assessment

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Mavlanov N. Normumin, Olmos I. Ochilov


The main issue for all creditors in the Republic of Uzbekistan is how to effectively lend to companies with an adequate increase of the rate of return. Specifically, commercial banks use traditional credit analysis methods, which are very slow, expensive and straightforward, or use one of the world's most developed models for assessing a company's creditworthiness, which is still not adapted to the characteristics and performance of the company national business ventures. From a professional and practical standpoint, it is emphasized that the models for assessing a company's creditworthiness developed for the individual market give significantly better results than other "standardized models". It represents the basic assumption of this research.

The financial statements of national companies, together with their analytical indicators, in the best way, reflect their characteristics. As such, they are the basis for developing a model for assessing companies' creditworthiness, which is the main goal of the research. The hypothesis of the paper is "Respecting the characteristics of national companies and current procedures of creditworthiness assessment. It is possible to develop a creditworthiness analysis model for the Republic of Uzbekistan that will be more efficient than generally known models". The result of the research is a model that can be practically applied, which contributes to increased efficiency in decision making, which can meet the requirements of the digital economy.


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