Excerpts of "the source of enlightenment" translation history

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Sagdiev Khabibullo


The article provided information on the content and translation into Uzbek of the treatise "Aqeedah" by the Hanafi scholar Abu Ja'far Tahawi, who worked in Egypt in the IX-X centuries and is known for his works on hadith, aqeedah (creed), and the Qur'an. It was not the first attempt by modern scholars to translate work "al-Aqeedatu-t-Tahawiyyah" into Uzbek, which was famous not only in the Hanafi school but also in other parts of the Ahl al-Sunnah, and they tried to prove that based on "al- Aqeedau-t-Tahawiyyan" manuscripts and treatise. The article discussed the issue of attempts to translate the manuscript into Uzbek through the codicological analysis of copies of the manuscript stored in different countries' libraries.

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