Enhancement Of Agriculture Based Crop Yield Prediction Using R Tool And Machine Learning

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Mr. Mohan Kumar Chandol , Dr.E.Mohanraj, Dr. M. Umaselvi , Dr. K. Sankar


The Crop yield-based prediction technique is a significant field of research that helps to ensure the food security and safe guard the food all over the nation. The projected system assists and support to predict enhanced and improved yield of crop and as well suggest the preeminent crop in dissimilar types of climatic conditions based on various parameter associated to the climates. This calculation will assist the farmer in the direction of choosing, whether the selected and particular crop is appropriate for that region and during the demanding season. In accumulation this website-based application gives information about details of productivity rate, irrigation, and other crop related details. Therefore, with the help of this website along with the different features help out the farmers to increase the crop production rate and crop quality improvement.

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