Pakistani Rural Higher Secondary School Teachers’ Beliefs About English as Medium of Instruction: A Qualitative Inquiry

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Hafiz Tahzeeb Ahmed, Dr. Saqib Mahmood, Muhammad Salman


This research is aimed at  analysing the teachers’ beliefs about English as a medium of instruction (EMI) at Higher secondary school in the rural areas in one of the districts of Punjab, Pakistan. This study aims to explore and analyze how teachers use EMI to teach science and mathematics subjects. Most importantly, the study tends to examine the challenges faced by teachers regarding the use of EMI in classrooms. Interpretive qualitative research paradigm is employed to offer in-depth analysis of teachers’ use and implementation of EMI in classrooms.  Semi structured interviews were conducted with ten teachers who are specifically teaching in the rural areas of Gujranwala. Observation has also been conducted to cross check the teacher’s views regarding EMI. The thematic analysis of interview narratives reveal that most participants did not ample knowledge and skills required to understand the dynamics of EMI and its implementation in classroom. The findings indicate that teachers face difficulties due to students’ insufficient knowledge about English language. Moreover, lack of training programs and workshops for teachers who are not proficient in various subject like science and mathematics subjects is also one of the reasons why they are unable to make good use of EMI..

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