Examples of sports scenes in the ancient civilization of Iraq

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Ali Saad Abed Alwanl, Enas Mahdi Ibrihim Ai-Safar


The ancient civilization that lies between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers is known as the civilization of Assyria, Nineveh, Babylon, a country with a geographical location that has commercial importance in the ancient time among the various eastern countries. The ancient Iraqis recorded it on the walls of caves, tombs and in their temples, where people practiced many sports and games, including swimming, fishing, running, jumping and dancing. During the battles, in addition to using them to the military side, as the army has become a distinguished class in society, men acquired physical skills that prepare them to fight battles. The monuments recorded all kinds of military exercises associated with this era, which would prepare young people to use weapons and tools such as the sword, arrow, bow, shield and spear. Physical activity is of great importance since more than three thousand years BC and they put the core The first came to the idea of ​​physical education and sports, and they realized the close relationship between the safety of the body and the safety of the mind and soul, so they were interested in sports with the aim of maintaining their health and improving their bodies. The one inhabited by the Iraqi man stated that the nature of the environment required not neglecting the physical fitness of the individual, who had to provide himself with a strong and capable body so that he could preserve his entity and obtain his livelihood in addition to protecting himself and his family from the danger of his enemies from man or animal. The environment in which man lived was full With trees and vast areas of land and rivers, which gave him more opportunities to practice the sporting aspect, as the environment was an accurate test that eliminated the weak and highlighted the forces and decided to survive for reform, as the environment was full of wild predatory animals and other animals that benefit man to provide his daily food for him and his family members, so he will have to chase these Animals whose demise daily in order to obtain food

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