Criminal protection for economic development

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Safaa Kadhum Ghazi


Criminal laws have a major role in protecting economic development, due to their great role and direct relationship in influencing the stability of their resources and even encouraging their development. Progress in various fields of modern life has led to the development and multiplicity of these resources that encourage the prosperity of economic development. Protect them and to the extent related to the topic of research in this subject in terms of the extent to which the relevant criminal laws are able to provide this protection for these resources for the sake of the prosperity of economic development, and accordingly we will limit ourselves to some relevant criminal laws and then achieve sufficient deterrence for anyone who tries to negatively influence the progress of economic development and manipulation rights of others. There is no doubt that every development in any of the different areas of life must be accompanied by a type of crime that would divert that development from achieving the desired goal.

      From this point of view, we dealt with the subject of the research as it is one of the topics that must be taken into account and studied at the legal level, especially since the perpetrator poses a danger because he is violating the right of others to a decent life.

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