Financial Analysis and Internal Business Growth and Performance of ICICI Bank

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Dr. Aneeb K Jose, Dr. Manoj P K


The financial structure in place determines any country's economic progress. Financial resources, financial intermediaries/institutions, financial industry, financial products, including financial activities are the main elements of the monetary system. In the framework, a financial intermediary performs a key function. Banks, insurance, financial institutions, and other financial institutions are examples of financial mediators. The banking industry's effectiveness assessment is a useful method and indication of a country's economic activity dependability. The current research emphasizes ICICI Bank's assessment. An analytic and explanatory research approach is used in this work. For this research, seven ratios were chosen and analysed utilising rate of growth, standard, the total yearly rate of growth, and other statistical methods. According to the research, the bank performed steadily until 2020, when it saw a drop in profitability owing to non-performing resources.

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