Progressing towards AI based Diabetes Diagnosis services: Current status, applications, developmental barriers and prospects in Maharashtra & Karnataka, India

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Mr. Mrinmoy Roy, Dr. Mohit Jamwal


Diabetes is the major health concerns across the whole world. Increasing at a rapid rate, this global epidemic is affecting a large portion of the populace everywhere. India having the highest proportion of diabetic patients, also becoming the 'diabetes capital of the world'. Early detection of diabetes could help to prevent or postpone its onset by taking appropriate preventive measures, including the initiation of lifestyle changes. AI-based diabetes diagnostic solutions are the new trends that companies are embracing to ensure smooth diabetes care. They provide diagnostic programs to detect complex ailments from medical images. By annotating lesions and abnormalities, these programs assist medical scholars and even non-specialists to have a faster diagnosis with much more accuracy. India faces a chronic disease risk burden. Not just this, many people especially those in the age group of 25 to 40 are also being diagnosed with diabetes & cardiovascular diseases according to Journal of the American Medical Association. This research addresses the existing scenario of AI based Diabetes Diagnostic services available in Maharashtra & Karnataka states in India. Firstly, the geographic location of Maharashtra & Karnataka and its existing Healthcare & Diagnostic status are explained. Then, various policies initiated by the government and the healthcare sectors of private ventures are described. Finally, the future prospects of AI based Healthcare Diagnostics in the two states along with possible strategies to address the barriers and issues are mentioned in this paper.

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