"Positive self-directed attention among outstanding students"

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Nada Wasif Abdul Mohsen Al-Awadi, Dr. Raja Yassin Abdullah


AThe current research aims to identify the positive self-directed attention to outstanding students in Karbala province, and the differences in the variable of positive attention directed to one self-according to the sex variable (male-female), the school stage (medium- preparatory), and the sample of research consisted of (400) students for the academic year (2020-2021) and to achieve the objectives of research use the descriptive curriculum, based on the theory of objective self-awareness to (Carver , scheier), the scale consists of in its final form after completing the conditions of honesty, stability and distinctive strength of (38) paragraphs divided into four dimensions (special self-awareness, general self-awareness, awareness of the body image, general awareness of the body image).

The results indicated that outstanding students have a positive attention to the high self, and the study revealed that there are no statistically significant differences between sex (male-female) and grades (intermediate -preparatory).

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