Impact of internet banking service quality on customer satisfaction: A Study with reference to Commercial Banks at Bangalore City

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Sandhya. S, Dr. T. Srinivasan, Dr. S. Muralidhar


Aims of the study are to examine how service quality of internet banking influence on customer satisfaction of SBI, Indian Overseas bank, Canara bank, ICICI & HDFC banks. An exploratory survey with help of Likert based questionnaire was conducted to investigate the impact of internet banking services quality on customer satisfaction in Bangalore city. Convenience sampling was used and various kinds of internet banking customers were approached various parts of Bangalore. Data were collected from a sample of 212 internet banking customers in Bangalore city. The results implicated that the internet banking service quality on all the dimensions have significant impact on the customer satisfaction of internet banking customers. Each of the dimensions namely efficiency, system availability, fulfillment, privacy, contact, responsiveness and contact are contribute 82% to the overall customer satisfaction in internet banking in commercial banks.

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