The artistic significance of mental disorders in the European Renaissance

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Ola Makttoof Shanyoor, Dr. Abbas Noori Khudhair


The current research is concerned with studying (technical indications of mental disorders in the European Renaissance) and it included four chapters. The first chapter dealt with the research problem, which centered on the following question (Are there technical indications of mental disorders in the European Renaissance), the first chapter included the importance of the research and the need for it, its goal and its limits And defining the terms contained therein. The second chapter included three sections about me, the first studying semantics and art. The second topic dealt with psychological disorder and the third topic dealt with the Renaissance. The second chapter ended with the indicators that were deduced. As for the third chapter, it included the research procedures represented by the research community and the research sample that It reached (2) a technical model, and the third chapter ended with the analysis of the research sample. As for the fourth chapter, it was concerned with the results and conclusions of the research.

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