A study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching program on knowledge regarding post-operative home care following coronary artery bypass grafting among patient undergoing surgery in selected hospitals.

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Mr. Satish Nagkumar Salvi, Mrs.Nirmala Londhe


The research design used for study was one group pre-test, post- test non experimental design to collect the sample constitute;50 samples of fourth class workers in selected private hospital. Based on the study objective pre-test and post-test was conducted and questionnaire was used for collecting the data. As the pre-test mean was 8.7 and post-test mean was 15.7, p value is 0.00001 it is highly significant as the p value is a lesser than 0.05 therefore there is improvement in knowledge score of the post-operative patients after planned teaching programme signifying that the planned teaching programme was effective. RESULT AND CONCLUSION: -There were two sections for the research study section 1 consists of demographic variable and Section 2consist of structured questionnaire. Study result shows there is significant increase in the knowledge of post of operative home care related to CABG.Researcher concluded that the planned teaching programme was effective to increase the knowledge of post of operative home care related to CABG.

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