Management, Function and Meaning of Songket BatuBara

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Ramlan Damanik, Robert Sibarani, Warisman Sinaga


Batubara songket cloth has a variety or different motifs that form aesthetics. The motifs and materials for the coal songket are made from unique and specific materials so that they are known to foreign countries. The colors and motifs in the Batubara songket show the daily life and personality of the Batubara Malay people. The Batubara people still adhere to customs that must be upheld high. The research on songket Batubara aims to manage the raw material to become a songket as well as the function and meaning of each motif in the songket Batubara by using the theory of Ferdinand de Sausssure. This research used qualitative methods and descriptive research types and data collection methods by means of observation, interviews and documentation. The results of this study indicate that the names of the motifs contained in the Batubara songket are closely related to the fauna around them, for example the bamboo shoots motif, mangosteen shoots, pandanus shoots, silver shoots, betikam shoots, cape flowers, chrysanthemum flowers, jasmine flowers. All the motifs contained in the Batubara songket that describe about the characteristics of the Batubara Malay ethnicity such as the jasmine flower motif, which describes the characteristics of a polite tribe.

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