Youngster’s Perception towards Covid -19 Public Service Advertisements in Gujarat – An Empirical Study of Electronic Media

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Jiju Mathew John , Dr. Bhavesh K. Patel , Dr. Gincy Jiju Mathew


It all began with an outbreak from Wuhan, China and later spreading to the other parts of the world. From lockdown, mass testing, contact tracking  to other self- precautionary measures each one of us have slowly struggled, adapted and are overcoming the pandemic with our new normalcy. The journey was not easy for each one of us, neither was it easy for World Health Organization (WHO) and the government officials across varied countries. It was the time to discover and in parallel create public awareness to refrain the outbreak spread. Especially in India where population size being so massive, and also the population mix being so strong, one India has many India to be targeted. A right message to reach to its end audience, the drive really had to be focusing on the diversified mass segments, therefore need for multiple mediums and modes of communication, attempting different appeals for the same simple message was a must.

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