A Study On Identifying Prospects For Onboarding Customers

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Dr.R. Mary Metilda , Nandhini R


Customer Onboarding is the process that comes under customer management. It helps in developing and creating a relationship between the company and the newcomer. The key concept of onboarding is to understand what kind of value each new customer expects from the business. Onboarding can be carried out in different steps which begins by Prospecting. It comes at the first stage of Sales life cycle. Prospecting is considered to be the important steps as it involves in the process of finding and identifying the companies who can be the potential customers. It is considered to be the long process as it consumes more time and cost at each stage for onboarding the customers. This study uses different types of tools like LinkedIn Premium, Decision Analysis and Resolution, InsideView, Adobe, Hubspot, VOIP, Data.com, Hunter which is used at the various stages of cycle. This study analysis in using the tools effectively identify and onboard customers at an effective cost and time.

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