Organizational Sustainability through Green Human resource practices: inspecting the moderating role of employee’s green value

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Salman Hameed, Dr. Kashif Mehmood, Dr. Adnan Butt


Purpose: Environmental sustainability is a topic of growing concern around the world. Universally, organizations are a huge contributor in it either constructively or destructively, and here jumps in the role of   Green Human Resource Management (GHRM). The objective of this research is to investigate the perceived importance of GHRM and the readiness of the employees to embrace GHRMP.

Design/methodology/approach: With a deductive approach, employees at all work levels of the manufacturing and services industry were surveyed on a random basis to identify their perception of the importance of GHRMP and how it can lead in the direction of sustainable practices of the organization and for society at large.

Findings: Results indicated that GHRMP is perceived to be an important factor when talking about corporate-level efforts towards sustainability. Employee green values were having significant but weak moderating ability in between GHRMP and sustainable performance, whereas environmental fit is found to be strongly significant as a mediator in the relation. GHRMP implementation framework would be very helpful to enhance the readiness of GHRM implementation. The employee will be more comfortable with the efforts of the organization and will tend to express out his own values and will support in the collective cause of sustainability for the generations to come.

Originality: This research studies the effect of GHRM on sustainable performance of the organization supported by the values considered important for by the employee thus debating over the corporate and individual values for the generations to come.

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