The effect of Buzan's strategy on developing the oral reading skills of fourth graders of primary school

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Dr. Ihsan Adnan Abdulrazzaq, Atyaf Mahmood Shukur


The current research aims to identify the strategy of Buzan in developing the oral reading skills of the fourth graders of primary school. The sample of the research consisted of (30) female students of the fourth grade of primary school at Akbara School of the Directorate of Education of Salah al-Din / Fassam al- Dujail , for the academic year (2020-2021). She was chosen at random to apply the experiment, where the group (B) represented the experimental group with (15) female students, and section (C) represented the control group with (15) female students.

   The researchers rewarded the two research groups (experimental and control) in the following variables: (the age of the students in months, the academic achievement of the fathers, the academic achievement of the mothers, the test of oral reading skills).

   The researchers prepared the research tool (the test of oral reading skills), in its final form, it consisted of a reading piece consisting of (56) words to test the validity and speed of reading and (twelve paragraphs) to test the reading comprehension skill, and its validity and stability were verified. Over the course of (11) weeks, the researchers applied the test and using the statistical package (SPSS-28). The results of the current research showed (the students of the experimental group who study reading material according to Buzan’s strategy outperform the students of the control group who study the same material in the usual way in the test of oral reading skills).


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