Problems Faced By School Students In Online Teaching During Covid – 19 Lock-Down With Reference To Coimbatore

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dr. D. Moorthy, M.Com., M.Phil., Mba, Pgdca, Ph.D, dr. M. Usharani, M.Com., Mba, M.Phil., Pgdit, Ph.D


            Online teaching learning already exists in many developed countries before Covid – 19 Pandemic. India had the opportunity to during Covid – 19, lock down. Education is the only industry that is completely transferred to online mode in most of the countries around the world. Online learning was the best solution for continuing education during this type of pandemic. Indian school education system with 26.5 Crore students, 97 lakh teachers, 15 lakh schools is one of the largest education systems in the world says the "Report on UDISE 2019-2020". The government had taken many steps to teach through television with private channels. Normally one television may available in one house but many family having two children and time constrain also issues. There are also scenes in the remote areas where the students have to go to cities or towns for proper internet facility to continue their education. The ongoing online classes without proper training to students and teachers are now turned out towards the question of learning quality. The following are the objectives of the study. (i) to present the personal profile of the respondents, (ii) to find the problems faced by the Government school children in the study area and (iii) to offer suggestions to the respondents to go for online teaching classes. The study conducted during the month of January, February and March 2021 in Coimbatore city. One month has taken to collect the data from 165 students; researcher visited the respondents residence to collect the data. Total sample taken for this study confined with 165. Interview scheduled used for data collection, the government school children may not understand the questions, so that interview schedule used by the researcher. Researcher adopted two tools in this study, i.e. (i) percentage analysis and (ii) correlation. The study concluded that training and orientation programs about online learning, including lessons on online teaching and learning tools and strategies, need to be offered on a regular basis so that students, teachers, and staff could have the opportunity to advance their knowledge and understanding of the different aspects and nuances of online and blended learning.

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