Data Mining Application In Telehealth Settings And Disease Prediction

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Juereanor Mat Jusoh, Teh Raihana Nazirah Roslan, Azizan Arshad, Mohd Norazmi Nordin


In telehealth contexts, data mining involves an analysis of data gained from ongoing healthcare practices or systems. It is important to make decisions based on evidence because it improves outcomes by aligning treatment to patient values, as well as improve the quality of health care by allowing clinicians to gain access to untapped, yet crucial data. Similarly, evidence-based decision making is important because it improves transparency and accountability in such a way that it justifies decisions based on valid data. Additionally, the process ensures that real-time and up-todate data aids in guiding decisions, ensuring further that physicians stay abreast of current developments in the field; hence, preparedness. In summary, the process reduces costs, improves patient satisfaction, and promotes the quality of health care.  

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