Do Quality And Satisfaction Matter In Online Higher Education?

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Hon Tat, Huam , Nadarajah, Tak Jie, Chan , Ai Chin, Thoo , Ahmed Ratan, Sarker Rafij , Kok Hooi, Beh


the rapid growth of online higher education in any part of the world warrants the writing of this paper. Indeed, quality in higher education services is increasingly put in the spotlight in recent years. Service quality must be achieved and maintained at a certain level while responding to the needs of students. Today, online higher education providers should be accountable for the quality of education, particularly with regards to the issue of assuring the delivery of quality online educational programs that they provide. This paper highlights the link between service quality and student satisfaction in the context of online learning environment. Accordingly, the paper addresses the question: “are service quality and student satisfaction associated in the online higher education?” Particularly, the aim of this paper is to develop a good understanding and insight into relevant previous studies and the trends that have emerged and to determine a rationale to elucidate the relationship between service quality and student satisfaction. Recommendations and conclusion are also explored.


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