Assessing The Impact Of Digital Marketing On The Buyer Behavior Of Smartphone Users During The Covid 19 Pandemic

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Dr. E. Nirupama ,R.A. Rabika Begum ,Dr. M. Hemalatha


The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way we work, shop and communicates with people more than any other disruption (including technology) in the recent past. The two most common digital marketing techniques employed by businesses are social media marketing and email marketing. The usage of digital media has altered the behaviour of consumers and the way businesses conduct themselves. Social and digital marketing provides companies tremendous potential of lowering expenses, improving brand recognition and increasing revenues. Nevertheless, the bad electronic mouth and the intrusive and irritating presence of internet brands were significant barriers. The experts’ perspective provides a thorough overview of essential features and views of more particular concerns, including artificial intelligence, enhanced reality marketing, digital content management, mobile marketing and marketing, B2B marketing, Mouth-to-Mouth electronics and ethical difficulties. This research offers both researchers and professionals an essential and timely contribution to challenges and opportunities by highlighting the limitations of current research, identifying research gaps, and developing questions and suggestions that can promote knowledge in digital marketing. The present study aims to analyze various reasons to buy smartphone customers during the pandemic period and to study the impact of digital marketing during the Pandemic on the behaviour of smartphone customers. To measure the impact the digital marketing on the buying behaviour of smartphone users during the Pandemic, the sample respondents are selected purposively who have bought smartphones during the pandemic period. Two hundred fifty sample respondents are chosen using the convenient sampling method. For collecting the data, Google forms were used. Friedman test and discriminant analysis have been applied for analyzing the data. It is concluded that the impact of digital marketing has been found more among young smartphone users and the people who feel the smartphone is more important in the day-to-day life.

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