Online Identification of Gifted Students: UYCEP Module

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Caglar Cetinkaya


The purpose of this study is to identification gifted students using the online module.  The sample selection of the scientific research project ‘The effect of gifted students’ differentiated social studies education on their verbal creativity’ was carried out with the help of this online module. This research project was supported by the Akdeniz University. The solution partner in the project is UYCEP, which provides training for gifted students. This research was used qualitative model to the case study design, which is intensive research on experts of gifted and talented. This research uses a single case multi-side exploratory case study. The study was carried out with demographic characteristics, culture-free intelligence tests and creativity tests based on UYCEP virtual results. With the module both intelligence and creativity of the students were measured. Formal and informal data were also collected for identification. Students using the module are middle school students in Antalya Province. Based on the identification model, demographic information is obtained first and then intelligence and creativity tests are held. Teachers’ opinions are consulted for the latest confirmatory information. A detailed evaluation score about the students is obtained from all the data. It has been observed that the online module used in the implementation of the model works flawlessly with all its functions. Later, a module that can be used in online identification of gifted students was introduced.

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