Towards Efficient Power Consumption based on Smart Meter Monitor

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Sabir Marouane, Bahnasse Ayoub, Talea Mohamed, EL Kilani Samir, Alharbi Adel


 Electricity is the source of life, and the demand increases every day. The rising energy a concern to many nations to explore a new solution to acquire an accurate quantification and management of energy consumption for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Besides, consumers need to track their daily power consumption in their houses with the use of different appliances. In Morocco, the monthly follow-up of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) company is carried out manually by inspectors. The latter brings challenges in controlling the electricity meter, conserving time, avoiding mistakes, and conserving company resources. Furthermore, this manner cannot satisfy the client's requirements. Motivated by these considerations, this paper presents a design and realization of an open-source meter called "Efficient Power Consumption " (EPC). The proposed approach provides the ability to measure and analyze power consumption to know the information of the consumption of appliances in an automatic and dynamic way.


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