Business Development of a Hypothetical Organization in an International Market: A Focus on Cross-cultural Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Mohammad Shibli Shahriar, Dr. Asif Zaman, Godwin Kennis Chukwue, Abdul Saboor Asheq


The study has been carried out on the introduction of a new product by a hypothetical organization namely Black Beauty Bakery shop in the international market. Dark chocolate pastry, a new product that contains zero sugar, is going to be introduced in the host Bangladeshi market by the organization. The study highlights the cultural differences between the home country, UK and host country, Bangladesh that may arise in managing the organization while introducing a new product in the international market. In addition, five organisational mechanisms which are involved in multi-cultural collaboration have been analysed in the study. Moreover, the innovative steps that have the capacity to develop innovative ideas for the introduction of new products have been also analysed. Lack of effective leadership is considered as one of the major change management challenges faced by the company during introduction of the new product. Cultural differences create limitations in sharing knowledge, which may hinder in the process of achieving the goal of the organization. Finally, the study draws conclusion with the recommendations which include marketing review analysis during opening branches in Bangladesh. This can be one of the key strategies that can overcome the issues during future applications of the organization.

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