An Empirical Study of Association between Working Capital Management (WCM) and Profitability: Evidence from Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Listed FMCG Companies

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D. Sujatha, Dr. Ch Shankar


WCM is also known as short-term financial management and is focused mainly with CA and CL activities. Due to its high impacts on profitability and liquidity, WCM is important to the success of enterprises. The study's primary objective was to examine at the impact of WCM on Profitability with reference to the BSE Listed FMCG Companies. Panel Data has been collected for Analysis, 71 FMCG listed Companies, 5 years balance sheets data used for analysis. The analysis tracked down a solid negative connection between the proportions of WC management including AR, AP, CCC, FATA, SL and DR with profitability. The findings of an investigation of the association between WCM and profitability on the Bombay Stock Exchange clearly found that the number of days AR, INV, and profitability are mostly negative. As an outcome, we say that managers can increase revenue by reducing the number of days AR and INV.

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