The inevitable change in nature: Experiment on textured effects in textile art inspired by a coincident between Buddhist teaching and the theory of science

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Kesinee Srisongmuang, Asst Prof. Dr. Veerawat Sirivesmas, Prof.Ekachart Joenurairatana


This paper has question on the change in nature. Buddhism teach about the awareness and perceived the truth in life, by instead of eyes but mind, at the moment of change. On the side of scient theories is tangible illustrated to describe the moment of change. The aspect of change in nature’s system in the research aims to, demonstrated a coincident between Buddhist teaching and the theory of science as the expressed subjective tools to narrate the aspect of change in textured textile appearance. To capture the change in appearance like the slowly growth and changes in flowers, has been hard for catching the moment of change by our simple eyes. Some theories of science such as Moire’ or/and Quantum physics theory can describe this change intangibility. As the textile art practitioner, the researcher, express the aspect through materials and process of textile weaving. The methods of this research, in textile making, used the traditional ikats to weave the illusion of pattern using the theory of Moire’. Two different wefts ikats are alternated weave in the same one with high twist yarn, the powerful yarn characteristic for making textured effects in fabrics. When these two patterns of ikat had been woven, the resultant appearance was unpattern showed but noised pattern has appeared. The contextual in this design art is to express the aspect in between Buddhist and scientific theories explanation. The result of noised pattern appeared in textile appearance is difficult to see what pattern illustrated at a glance. The deeply intend to look at the details possible to see hidden pattern in this handwoven. Therefore, as the results of the experiment is reinforcing that the constancy in change as the growth, of such like flower’s change, is to be disappear which in Buddhist teaching has the point to aware of the impermanence in life.

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