A Research To Determine The Expectations of Consumers From Halal Concept Hotel Operations In The Covid-19 Process

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Abdullah Akmaz, Anıl Kale, Halil Akmeşe


Socio-economic changes that occurred with the effect of globalization naturally affected businesses as well. Undoubtedly, one of the most important of these changes is the formation of a consumer-oriented structure instead of product and profit-oriented models with the increase in value given to the consumer. It is a very important necessity for businesses to determine the expectations of the consumers and to provide products and services accordingly and to produce solutions in accordance with the expectations. In the study, it was aimed to determine consumer expectations in halal concept hotel businesses after the Covid-19 pandemic process and to put forward suggestions on the subject. In this context, this study, which was carried out as a qualitative research, examined the consumer expectations, customer opinions and demographic variables of 26 local tourists who stay in halal concept hotel establishments serving in Turkey and intend to stay in the next period. As a result of the study, according to the statements of the participants, it was determined that in the Covid-19 process, consumers focused heavily on hygiene and cleanliness in room services, food and beverage services, reactive services such as pool, sauna and other entertainment services.

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