A Study On Toursim Development In Nellore District –With Reference To Andhra Pradesh State

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Sadepalli Vijay Bharath, Dr.K.V.S.N Jawahar babu


Tourism is the activities of societies traveling to and residing in places outside their usual atmosphere for not more than one successive year for relaxation, business and other commitments not related to the application of a movement waged from within the place stayed. Tourism is one of the growing industries in Andhra Pradesh. Its high growth and development rates, considerable amount of employment generation, infrastructure development actively affecting various sectors of economy which positively contributing to the social and economic development of the state. The tourism experience is different to what they can see or do at home and this includes experiencing the real life and lifestyle of the destinations they visit. Sustainable tourism is thoughtful tourism. It is "derived," not "contrived." A community involved in the planning and implementation of tourism has a more positive attitude, is more supportive and has better chance of making a profit than a population passively ruled - or overrun - by tourism. One of the core elements of sustainable tourism development is community development. This is giving the community the process and capacity to making decisions that consider the Long-term economy, ecology and equity of all communities. Nellore is a city in the Nellore district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the banks of the Penna River in Nellore mandal of Nellore revenue division. The city is the fourth most populous settlement of the state well known for its agriculture and aquaculture. The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation is the state tourism department, responsible for maintaining, promoting and developing the tourism sector. Nellore is famous for scenic beaches, historic forts, temples, darghas, and bird and wildlife sanctuaries. The Telangana region has all the demanded high qualities for becoming a strong vacationer place with its country.

 The 1998 tourism plan of Andhra Pradesh concentrates on financial development, employment creation, and poverty alleviation via environmental durability. It pays attention to demand edge and additionally on the vast untapped capacity of vacationer destinations such as ancestry tourism, this paper briefly provided a case study on Andhra Pradesh states towards development on Tourism.

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