Resilient Mechanism in Learning this time of Pandemic: A Grounded Theory

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Justine C. Mercado , Grace Negrido-Camasin, LPT, PhD , Mark N. Abadiano, PhD


Higher Education Institutions shifted from the traditional face-to-face delivery of instruction to online classes to cope with the situation we are in right now, the global pandemic COVID-19. This shift in the educational landscape sustains the continuity ofthe teaching and learning process,and this change led the students to new experiences and perceptions towards learning Physics. This qualitative study used Active Interviewing and followed Straussian grounded theory design to collect and code interview data to identify emergent themes and generate a theory. The research participants exposed four emergent themes and the main category regarding their experiences and perceptions in Learning Modern Physics in an Online Class. "Students'Resilient Mechanism in Learning Modern Physics" emerged as the core category, and the entailedfour4 essential themes were: (1) Positive Outlook towards Learning Modern Physics Online, (2) Challenge to Overcome, (3) Efforts to address challenges, and (4) Adaptation to the online learning of Modern Physics.The grounded theory of Positivity-Persistence-Adaptation: Students'Resilient Mechanism in learning modern physics in the new normal of delivering instruction reveals that in this trying time, students are trying to be optimistic towards learning (Positivity), manage to adapt to changes and challenges (Adaptation) and keep the determination in this trying time to sustain and continue learning during this time of pandemic (Persistence). In summary, the theory highlights students' positive attitudes as they continue the quest to learn modern physics in this new normal educational setup. Students' persistence towards learning in this time of pandemic is very important since this is a propelling mechanism that will enable learners to succeed in the learning and studies despite the challenges they are facing.

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