Linearly Polarized Wideband Meandered Pifa Antenna For Mobile Applications

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Y. Sukanya, P.V.Y. Jaya Sree


Generally, 6 to 7 patch antennas are used in a mobile for different applications. In this paper, a single antenna is proposed to address several applications in a mobile phone. For this purpose, a Meander line feed planar inverted F- antenna (PIFA) with DGS that radiates at multiple frequencies  is deliberated in this work with VSWR < 2 at all the desired frequencies as it provides good isolation among the desired frequencies. Flame Retardant 4(FR - 4) is preferred as substrate(loss tangent,δ(0.02)) with thickness of 1.53mm.The ground defected structure resembles as slotted sections with fractal shape. The proposed antenna is radiated at three frequencies such as 1.7GHz (1.64 - 1.82 GHz), 2.4GHz (2.2 - 2.6 GHZ) and 4.8GHz (4.44 – 5.35 GHZ) with a reflection coefficient of   -12.9dB, -39dB, - 39dB respectively. With the proposed structure the bandwidth is enhanced by 19% at the upper band with a peak gain of 5.32dBi along with the achievement of linear polarization at all the desired frequencies. The proposed design has a compact dimension of 60X30X1.6mm (0.70x0.35x0.018 wavelengths at lower band) and is well suited for 4G,WLAN, WI-FI and Wi-Max applications..

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