Psycholinguistic studies of pre-wedding and wedding traditions (on the basis of English and Uzbek phraseological units)

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Mamatova Feruza Makhammadovna, Dr.Dildora Bakhadirjanovna Agzamova


The paper investigates culture-specific notion wedding and traditions related to pre-wedding and wedding processes  in two culturally various communities: English and Uzbek. The principal aim of the research was to reveal specific features, differences and similarities of pre-wedding and wedding traditions in these cultures. Phraseological units such as proverbs and idioms have served as tools in this study. Psycholinguistic methods and experiments carried out among English and Uzbek speakers enabled to reveal peculiarities of this tradition. English culture community welcomes these tradition as they most of them believe that it is natural event in everyone’s life, however treats it with a certain degree of cautions, taking into consideration its seriousness. Concerning Uzbek respondents’ results, wedding requires a lot of preparation and thinking over, especially in choosing a future partner.

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