A Discourse on Re-Discovering the Course Outline of ‘Soft Skills and Personality Development’ for Graduate Students

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Dr. Richa Tripathi


Globalization is making the world more closely knitted but also challenging for existing and coming generations, as they must be smart and competent enough to tackle the hardships of the current challenges with the help of their proper proportion of Intelligence and emotions.  The current Era is moving forward towards smart work from hard work.  To understand the concept of personality, we must understand that it is the blend of intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of it.   To work on it and to enhance the overall persona, one must keep alignment between the two. Being the trainer of personality development and soft skills, educators must make sure that students are capable of changing themselves in a better way not only outwardly but also inwardly. Therefore, the question is how they can do that as a guide to the students of technologically advanced eras. Educators must ensure proper training sessions of the A to Z of personality development   and soft skills, which mean no scope of missing any part of it. The point discussed in this paper guarantees the holistic development of both the students and educators and helps them in adding value and quality to their lives.

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