Perception Of Employees Of Smes On Working Conditions Prevailing In Their Organizations Concerning Hr Audit.

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Devara. S. Srinivas, Suresh Sirisetti


Human resource management is a feature of organizations that optimize job efficiency to achieve the business goals of their boss. HR frequently deals with workplace affairs, that is, the balancing of corporate activities with collective bargaining rules and government legislation. HRM's breadth is undeniably huge. The HRD audit is the method used to assess the performance of all these divisions. The employees' personal and corporate influences are important for evaluating their expectations in many HRM sub-systems. For the sustainability of a nation, small industries are quite necessary. They represent in some measure an indicator of market growth and prosperity. For the sustainability of every company, administrative management is necessary. Small companies do so much more than typical corporate processes of small businesses are not quite clear. Personnel management, accounting knowledge usage and funding options are fields where successful management and sustainability of small companies needs to be taken seriously. The organizational conditions are really similar to optimistic work habits. So, it is essential to explore the personal and organizational factors of the SME employers and the respective employees. This research study aims at analyzing the Perception of Employees of SMES On Working Conditions Prevailing in their Organizations Concerning HR Audit.

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