Measurement and Test of Service Quality Gap Model in the Airline Industry: A Quantitative Investigation of Selected Airline Companies

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Priyank Kumar Singh, Prof. H C Purohit


This study prepares a profile for airline passengers and tests the Gap Model of service quality in airlines industry. Every organization must maintain its service quality so that it can attract more customers to buy its products. This involves mixed method approach including quantitative and qualitative methods used in defining five dimensions and scales for airline service quality measurement. The qualitative study reveal that image and Terminal Tangibles are not necessarily to be included in the scale as this Terminal tangibles are not under the control of Airline management in process of service delivery. The other dimension “Image” projected is not considered to be in a delivery process of service quality. This study is descriptive in which primary the data were collected from the 431 respondents. To compare the various parameters of the service quality mean for expected and perceived quality was compared. For components of service quality, combined means of relevant statements were calculated and compared through P-E formulae (Perceived – Expected). This study is based on the items of the scale of AIRQUAL model which is specifically designed for Airlines based on the SERVQUAL model of service marketing. This study comprehensively presents the gaps between individual statements of the service quality in the Airlines Industry in India and present the combined gaps for components of service quality.

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