Mood Patterns (Positive - Negative) among Postgraduates of the Universities of the Middle Euphrates

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Zainab Ali Abdul Hussein Al Shaibani, Mr. Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Yaqoubi


The research aims to: Identify the two types of mood (positive - negative) among postgraduate students, as well as the statistically significant differences in the two types of mood, according to variables like (type, specialization, level of study, university). To achieve the objectives of the research, the researchers build the research tool: the two mood patterns (positive-negative) among postgraduate students. The research tools are applied to the basic research sample consisting of (436) male and female postgraduate students, which are chosen by the stratified random method of proportional method and after data collection and statistical analysis using SPSS statistical package for social sciences. The following results has been reached by the researchers: Postgraduate students have two moods (positive-negative), and the presence of statistically significant differences according to (gender in favor of females (students), level of study in favor of (PhD) and specialization in favor of (scientific specialization). In light of the results, the researchers make a number of recommendations and proposals.

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