Approaches to Mitigate the DDoS Attack on Dataplane SDN

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Prof.Pushpa J, Dr.Suma S, Dr. ArunaDevi M


Overwhelming the traffic towards the network node to make them inoperable which may down the services. This will not only affect the servers but also impact on input and output channels where the request may exceed the limit of data flow.  Attackers usually enter into the network by compromising the authenticated nodes or service provider via many methods such as IP Spoofing, malware penetrating or by morphing the identity.

This DDoS attack not only defunction the nodes but also affect the entire centralized networking such as on SDN which centrally control the network nodes. SDN is a new network architecture which brings the new evolution in IT networking, but the biggest threats on the control plane and data plane are DDoS attacks. 

Our paper focuses on DDoS attack’s detection on Software Defined Network components and proposing the hybrid model of SDN and adopting Improved Principal Component Analysis.

Resultant value of an experiment proved as an efficient algorithm compared to k-mean, DBScan and Entropy.

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