Evolution of the institution of legal assistance between States in criminal matters in the Republic of Azerbaijan

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Dr. Matanat Pasha Asgarova


Proceeding from the historical development of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is associated with various invasions, seizures, forced accession, the provisions of the Constitution, criminal procedure legislation and laws, international acts to which the Republic of Azerbaijan has acceded, historical bilateral and multilateral treaties regulating issues of mutual legal assistance were analyzed. For the first time, mutual legal assistance was investigated on the basis of historical and normative acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Historical periods of development of the institute of legal assistance in the Republic of Azerbaijan are defined. The norms of the Holy Qu’an on the attitude to the disbelievers, treaties, mandatory observance of treaties, cooperation, and assistance were investigated. The Holy Qur’an does not distinguish between states and people, therefore, the provisions on the general conditions of assistance relate to legal assistance between States. The purpose of the study is to substantiate the idea of using historical experience to improve the institution of mutual legal assistance in criminal cases for improvement. Therefore, a detailed study of history will make it possible to form a more independent legal assistance in the fight against organized crime, which acquire a more sophisticated and specialized character.

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