An Enhanced Energy Efficient Management in OFDM-Massive MIMO for Cognitive Wireless Body Area Network (C-WBAN)

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Hussana Johar R B, Dr B R Sujatha


The cognitive networks make use of cutting edge technology to solve various problems related to signal degradation. As they are self-managing networks, they face lot of challenges.One such problem is interference which is of serious concern and it needs to be reduced to increase the performance of the network at  low bit error rate(BER).  WBAN is the network of individual connected nodes which are independently bound on the human body in the form of sensors, actuators, etc that need to be configured with dynamic power adjustment and  provide  high quality of services. The network needs efficient analysis using the adaptive beam forming process. This paper proposes an enhanced cognitive-based Massive MIMO with adaptive beam forming approach.  WBAN (EC-WBAN) is simulated using MATLAB to evaluate performance metrics namely, BER, energy consumption, packet delivery rate and collision probability.

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