Economic Factors in Professional Commitment

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St. Maryam, Julizar Idris, Darmawati, Ambo Dalle, Rahul Chauhan


The question that often arises in various seminars and debates is "why should wealthy people and Indonesian officials go abroad for health affairs, including the simplest... check-up". If observed various physical things in hospitals such as medical equipment, buildings, and medicines in Indonesian hospitals are not much different from hospitals in Malacca, Singapore, Bangkok. A striking difference may be with Boston or Houston hospitals. One of the hypotheses presented is the difference in the quality of human resources determines the quality of health services. However, when viewed individually, there are certainly no racial and ethnic differences between Indonesians and Malaysians or Singaporeans. In this case there is another hypothesis that if the HR management system is improved so that the commitment of Indonesian hospital resources increases to the hospital, then there will be an improvement in the quality of services. This paper discusses the relationship between economic factors and professional commitment. The purpose of the commitment here is the amount of attention and relationship between professional doctors and hospitals. This needs to be put in context, why there are many cases of specialists working multiplely in various places which can eventually result in low commitment.

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