Economic Evaluation of Health Service in Covid-19 Situation

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Salmiah, Nalbiy Salikhovich Tuguz, Rahul Chauhan, Ari Wibowo, Nuraida


This paper presents economic evaluation of health service in Covid-19 situation. The concept of economic evaluation of health service is from critical questions about the benefits of medical technology for society. Medical-health science must be applied in society to reduce the disease in public health indicators. To reduce the burden of disease, various medical and health technologies are available. In this framework, we can see the process of selecting technology for handling the health problems, such as, the initial thinking of the burden of disease that must be handled. From this initial thinking, there are health service technology options that can be used to reduce the burden of disease. The technology is then tested under ideal conditions to determine whether health measures are having an effect (efficacy tests). If in this efficacy test, the health measure is useless, it will be stopped. If it is useful in its test, then the health action will be at the implementation in the field containing various key words such as effectiveness, efficiency, and evaluation with clear indicators to assess the success intervention in the community.

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