Histochemical exploration and phytotherapeutic evaluation of antimicrobial properties of two selected exotic fruit trees and legume known in Tamil folk medicine

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G. Grace Lydial Pushpalatha, G. C. Abraham, P. Ravichandran


The current resurgence in crude drug research and its moorings in underpinning the importance of phytochemicalsprovide the cue to study plants inclined and implicated as remedies in traditional heath care assists.  The two exotic trees Adansonia digitata and Crescentia cujeteand the medicinal seed legume Caesalpinia bonduc known for long in regional and local traditions investigated here show the species to contain constituents such as glycosides, flavonoids,  phytosterols, tannins, free aminoacids, fixed oils and fats in somatic tissues, fruit pulp and seeds  which can possibly be used as inputs and medicaments. As preliminary report on histochemical aspects, observations made on the feasibility quelling and controlling certain common but potential pathogens lends credence to age old belief and the claim that the said species can be hired organ specific and case specific manner to fortify significance of TM in dealing infections and vexing health disorders

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