Portable Medicare Alert System

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Tharani. R, Bala Maheswari.K, Prathikshna.M.A, SUBHASHREE. U, Komaleesvaari. P


This is a project related to Medicare. Nowadays many aged people are left in homes alone since their wards are working. Approximately 82 percent of people who die of coronary heart diseases are 65 years and above. These aged people may face the situation of medical emergency anytime. Heart attack, sudden blood pressure rise or fall, sudden sugar level drop may occur. To reduce and save the life of our loved ones we came up with the Portable Medicare Alert System. The project monitors the heartbeat rate, blood pressure level, temperature, electrocardiogram, and oxygen level of the person, and location of the person. If there is any abnormal pattern foundin any of the above-mentioned parameters it alerts the person in charge of the person, if the condition lasts for quite a long time it enables the option of informing the concerned doctor. This helps to monitor the health condition of the person 24/7. This project can also be used for all kinds of age groups, disabled persons, and for patients in hospitals and who are discharged for health care..

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