Understanding of Theoretical Foundation with Islamic Values on Malaysian Literary Theory

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Abdul Halim Ali, Makmur Hj. Harun, Azman Ismail, Rohayati Junaidi, Nur Faaizah Md Adam, Alya’ Farzana Shamshul Ariffin, Roslan Chin, Miftachul Huda


This paper aims to examine the essence of theoretical foundation in the literary theory from the Islamic values. With getting a clear relationship between literature and Islam, understanding conditions, functions and goals of literature itself in Islam would enable the strategic theory as a way in the law to make the flow to bring all followers of literature, works and audiences to the perfection of human life. Through the literature, the perfection in the sight of God is true and eternal in putting views and assumptions on the right path (Islam) is in line with the demands of Islam itself. The values could be viewed into al-ihsan (goodness, beauty, perfection and beauty) in all things. Tawhid is the fundamental problem that is the focus and the idea of ​​thought begin and end, while the three important aspects of science, charity and faith in the ideals behind the Malay Islamic literary theory. The critique practices, on the other hand, reach a holistic literary space and reach the basis of metaphysics.

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