Propagation of Date Palm Using Tissue Technology and the Experience of Its Cultivation in Karbala Governorate

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Prof.Dr Salma Abdul Razzaq Al – Sheblawi, Safaa Sabeeh Kazal Al Hemdawi


This research studies the importance of tissue culture for the laboratory propagation of date palm through two methods, the first method is vegetative budding, the second method is embryogenesis. As each method has its own characteristics and importance in terms of production and time spent. It has the experience of the propagation of palm technology textile in the province of Karbala in the project (cultivation and propagation of date palm tissue) This project is one of the Almharia of the Department of Horticulture at the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, was established in (17/10/2010) is located in the Razzazah area of free to spend in the province of Karbala and The reason for choosing this area is because it is far from the palm groves in the governorate, for the purpose of protecting it from diseases and insects that spread in it. The project area is about (32) dunums,  The project land is planned with a distance of (10 x 10) meters, and the good and desirable varieties of local demand such as (Al-Barhi, Al-Maktoum, Al-Khalas ) were planted in it, and the trees are watered using drip irrigation technology.

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