Assessing The Threats Of Gashaka Gumti National Park In Conservation Biodiversity

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Kanati Madaki, Tonga AK Noweg, Wong Swee Kiong, Isaac John Umaru


Threat hinders successful biodiversity conservation in national parks. Assessing the current status of the threats to Gashaka Gumti National Parks (GGNP) is important. Based on the univariate analysis, communities perceived poaching, logging, encroachment, farming, invasive species and Grazing as threats to the Park. However, poaching, logging and grazing pose severe threat to biodiversity conservation. Therefore, the study concludes that GGNP faces a level of threat. The findings show that Gashaka Gumti National Park faces the following threat: logging, poaching, grazing, invasive species; farming and encroachments in conserving biodiversity in about 29.3%.

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