Dynamic Transman Using ML

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Dr. Jaison B, Nantheshprabu S, Nidish M, Mahavishnu K S


The main objective of this system is to optimize and also improve the cab booking system for an organization by many folds. This is achieved through a application through which an employee of an organization can book a cab and the ride is authenticated by an in charge.  The cab availability is ensured through a ML algorithm, which captures the in and out time of a cab. If an employee wants a ride, he/she can select the available cab. Whenever an employee selects and requests a ride, a mail will be sent to the in charge allocated to that employee.  After the in charge verifies and accepts a ride, the employee can start a ride .A ML algorithm is used to store the in and out time of the cabs. Hence the admin can Manage the availability of the cabs. Once the employee reaches the destination, a message will be sent to the particular in charge. Hence the safety of the employee is enhanced.

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