Efficient Bandwidth Aware Routing Scheme in Manets

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S.D.Lalitha, Yerabolu Keerthika, Solleti Harshitha, Tanguturu Indrani


MANETs(Mobile Ad-hoc Networks) have unique features which comprises dynamic topology, self-forming, self-healing, dissymmetry, multi-hop communication, energy resources and finite bandwidth. As there is an increase in devices on the Internet of Things(IoT), these features increase complication for quality of service (QoS) allocation, and force different problems while designing the congestion control. In MANET, lots of data exchange causes increase in packet delay, decrease in performance with respect to QoS, loss of data packets can be due to congestion. To sort out these problems, we introduced an efficient bandwidth aware routing scheme (EBARS) by updating Ad-hoc On demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol. To improve the route discovery and route maintenance in this framework by using factors path expiration time, residual energy, drain rate and delay for increasing the quality of service for the data. Efficient energy aware routing scheme is done by considering three factors: path expiration time, residual battery power and drain rate to have a better energy aware, stable route having minimum delay results the enhancement in quality of service and improved packet delivery ratio(PDR).

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