Improved Delinquency Detection Using Machine Learning

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S Vijayakumar, Praveena M, Renukadevi J, Reshma L


Delinquencies are due to the repressed desire for aesthetic expression. To fulfil one’s desire that person involves in creating danger to the entire society. As delinquency is an unlawful activity, the person behind it must be penalized by law. No person have faith with others instead they have fear with others. In the blink of an eye countless delinquencies are happening around us. It is impossible to completely stop  the delinquencies but it can be prevented. The aim of this paper is to perform analysis and prediction of delinquency using machine learning algorithms. Identifying delinquency patterns will allow us to tackle problems with unique approaches in specific delinquency category regions and improve more security measures in society. Even though it is not feasible to stop the delinquencies instantly, the tactics used in this paper will assuredly reduce the delinquencies and make an effort to create a delinquency unbound society.

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